Open message to Sylvia OE5YYN

Hello Sylvia @OE5YYN,
I’ve just been watching a beautiful TV documentary about a wonderful park and its natural wild life in Autria. The park has a big mountain in it called Mt.Ostcher (not sure but I think that was the spelling)
There is a moment when the documentary shows the people enjoying the views and the beauty of this mountain summit when it’s snow free in summer time and there’s a short moment when a couple playing ham radio from that summit is shown on screen. A woman with a microphone in hand and a man taking care of an antenna are shown.
This documentary was written and directed by a man called Frantz Hafner.
I couldn’t help thinking of you and your partner when I saw that couple playing ham radio from the summit. Would it be SOTA?
Did you know about this documentary?
Was it you the woman with the microphone in hand?
It would be a great coincidence :slight_smile:
Let us know, please.
Best 73,



Not sure if it will work outside Austria

Minute 33:52

Here it is:

I hope it’s okay that I answer :slight_smile: Yes, that is Sylvia OE5YYN and Peter OE5AUL
My parents told me recently that they noticed SOTA on Austrian TV. Thanks for the find.

73 de Joe

EDIT: That’s Barry for the hint. Now link should work.


clicking on the link in Joe’s post doesn’t work for me. Clicking on the link here does work: Ötscher - Im Reich des sanften Riesen - 3sat-Mediathek

73, Barry N1EU

Hello Guru,

When we climbed Ötscher via Rauher Kamm on that day there was a camera team waiting (not for us but for people approaching the summit in general :wink: ) and they asked us whether they could film us during our SOTA activation. We did’nt mind but didn’t know either what they would make out if all that footage. I think it was nearly two years later while I was having dinner in a restaurant with a friend that I got several phone calls from friends telling me that they had seen me and Peter on TV in that Ötscher documentary. It’s quite a short sequence but it clearly shows Peter (the man with the Cowboy hat ;-)) and me AND Kimo during our activation.
I am quite surprised that this documentary would make its way to Spain, though but I am glad you enjoyed it!

Best 73, Sylvia


Thank you Joe for posting the link to the documentary because everybody will now have the chance to see the beauty of nature in that park and Mt. Ötscher. Also because Sylvia OE5YYN has been able to see it and confirm my guessing.
I tried to find that mountain in the SOTA summits page but I couldn’t because I wrongly spelled it as Ostchen. Thanks for letting us know the actual SOTA reference of this beautiful mountain.

Sylvia @OE5YYN, I’m delighted to see that my guessing was right.

The second channel of National Spanish TV, TVE (TeleVisión Española) called “La 2” usually plays great documentaries in the weekdays afternoons. I love watching them while having a rest in the cauch after work and our late lunch in these summer days of July and August, when summer work time is from 7h to 15h.
Today’s was the second time I’ve watched this documentary. I thought on the possibility of it being you and Peter activating SOTA in that mountain when I first watched this documentary some months ago, but I was with family around that day and I couldn’t get the name of the mountain nor the name of the writer and director, so I couldn’t write this message to you due to lack of details for identification of the mountain and the documentary.
Fortunately, I was on my own today while watching it again and I could write the key information down, except for the slightly wrong spelling of the mountain name.
It’s good that it wasn’t too wrong and Joe OE5JFE managed to figure it out.

Best 73,


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you can also watch the documentary on youtube:

73 martin, oe5reo

Can watch it ok, yep looks like lady in question. :slight_smile:

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