OP Activator of S5/TK-011?

Hi all!

Unfortunately I cannot find the operator(activator’s call sign) of S5/TK-011 summit on 08 April 2021.
Callsign used S53AAN/P and was alerted by S58G.
Is there any easy way to find out the operator in cases like this one?
Thank you in advance for any information!

73, Christos.

Hi Christos, This is what I found:
All I did was change SW3 to display data for the last three days and then use the browser windows “find” function (Ctrl+F) and searched for the summit reference.

I see your problem though - this is the call sign of a Radio Club.

So the answer I think is - through the SOTAWatch no - as the activator callsign is S53AAN/P.

I wonder if, after the contacts are entered into the SOTA database, there may be a way to find who was operating …

Unfortunately not - as the club call sign is registered in the SOTA database - here’s their log from that summit:

Perhaps you simply need to email to the club: s53aan.ajdovscina@gmail.com or damijan.s58g@gmail.com

and ask.

73 Ed.

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As far as I recall, Club accounts are not permitted to accrue points in SOTA. All points should be allocated to the actual operator and the operator records the club call sign as “call used” in his/her own record. I think Barry @GM4TOE will point out that the club may not claim awards in its own right. The call sign S53AAM currently record activator 345 points but these are not valid towards awards.

Hi Ed!

Thank you very much for the whole information on the database procedure. Now I see that I am in the log of the activator, although I do not know the exact operator! Not a problem. I hope to hear you from a summit soon.

73, Christos.

Hi Jim!

Your opinion is quite right! At least I see that the club’s call sign is written as an operator, what I had not tried to find in activators’ list of S5.
Thanks for info!

73, Christos.

Damijan S58G has been in contact as he has been the operator of S53AAN for SOTA. Over the coming days the QSOs will be moved to S58G’s account though still as S53AAN. That way the QSOs remain valid in the DB.