Oops I did it again!

Sorry, gang, I’m doing it again. Just realized this morning that my activation yesterday may have been reported as W0M/ES-004 1270 instead of W0M/SF-004 Proffit Mtn. I was on Proffit.

Then I misreported my 3rd summit today as the second summit. #2 was W0M/SF-002, #3 was W0M/SF-011, starting at 2040Z.

All op error when using SOTA Spotter. I keep forgetting some of the fields default back to the last values if I shift focus on my phone to answer a text, for example. All my fault.

Note to self – double check all before hitting Enter ;-).

73 Paula k9ir

Hi Paula,
Not all chasers got the wrong reference. I see I logged you with the correct SOTA reference,



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Hi Paula,
in SOTA Spotter, on the Send spot screen, underneath the comments field, there’s a check box ‘remember spot data’. If you uncheck that nothing is retained on the spot writing screen.

Whether that is better than a false re-send of an old summit reference (you have to re-enter everything) is up to you.

73 Ed.

Hi Paula,

I was the one that asked you Ref? on your last one. It was showing up as 002 and knew you were on to the next one. Heard you send 011 to confirm it, then shortly after, the correct summit showed up. Thanks for all the contacts. 73 Karen

DD5LP Ed, one of the things I like about SOTA Spotter is that it retains the data entries, and I only have to update a few fields. I used to go to the SOTA website and enter everything every time – a pain ;-).

What I failed to realize until this trip is if I was in the middle of doing an update on SOTA Spotter, and then got a text, for example from another activator so we could try an S2S, when I went back to SOTA Spotter, any changes I had made weren’t retained – except I learned that the hard way!

I think the key is to have a process and stick to it. Your approach is one process that could work. For me, I just need to remember to check all values before hitting Spot.

73 Paula k9ir