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Online OS 1:50000 mapping


Someone showed me this yesterday and I thought it maybe of use for people who don’t have Memorymap or Anquet or lots of paper OS maps.

Goto Multimap. (http://www.multimap.co.uk) Ensure you select your country as United Kingdom if some other country is selected. Then position the map display to show the are of interest. Now, slide the zoom level slider to maximum. The display will be rubbish at this point. Click on the zoom out button (the minus sign) three times. Place your mouse cursor over the MAP button at the top left of the map display and leave it there. After a few seconds a small window to the right of the button will appear with an map image in it. Click on this and the entire map will be redrawn as a 1:50000 OS map.




As someone who prefers OS 1:25000 for walking, I use Get-A-Map on the OS website:



In reply to M1EYP:

As someone who prefers OS 1:25000 for walking, I use Get-A-Map on the OS

Sure, but that doesn’t have a smooth scrolling Web2.0 style interface. The entire useability of the new Multimap site is orders of magnitude better than Get-A-Map. Multimap is rather slick :wink: You can look around the area with so much ease and then when you have located all the areas of interest, move to Get-A-Map to check on the fine detail should you need it.