One year on s.o.t.a

And loved every minute of it the best thing i have ever done on radio, A big thank you to all activators and chasers,
DE:MW3PZO sean

I agree! I have only been a ham for a little under a year, and I began in SOTA as soon as I got my license. I think SOTA is the main reason I have progressed and has been an excellent learning experience. I have a great deal more to learn but I know I will have a blast doing it!

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Cheers john i agree nothing better than making something and going up a summit to test it out iether chasing or doing the summitall good fun
DE:MW3PZO sean

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SOTA can also revitalise a flagging amateur radio “career” for someone that has been licensed a long time. I was first licensed in 1969 and kept up a keen level of activity moving from one area of interest to another until I became self-employed in 1992. Then it all went downhill until I was persuaded by Richard G3CWI, along with other members of the De Montfort ARS, to activate a number of SOTA summits on 11th February 2006. I didn’t actually work any of my fellow club members on 2m FM, but I didn’t need to to get bitten by the bug. The rest, as they say, is history…

73, Gerald G4OIG

I had a few chaser points in my log already, but I consider Oct 5 as my official starting date in SOTA. I had my first activation exactly one year ago today and it has been an amazing journey ever since. I have seen a lot of beautiful places and met a lot of great folks. Definitely the most fun you can have with a radio, in my opinion. It is so gratifying to have a pile of chasers waiting for you when reach your destination after a nice walk.

73 de pat, KI4SVM