one satellite contact SOTA ! Great Malcolm

I’ve made contacts through satellites before, but yesterday was the first time I’ve made a satellite contact from a SOTA summit. I worked Adrian Engele , AA5UK, who was roving in EN56 from the summit of Mont Chauve, VE2/LR-038 in FN36. We worked through Fox 1B, AO-91, with a UHF uplink and VHF downlink. The satellite was almost due north of me about 15 degrees above my horizon. Since Adrian was south of me, AO-91 must have been right on his horizon at the time. I’m delighted to make a satellite contact from a summit. Now to upgrade the station so it gets easier. First item, a beam antenna for hiking. @amsat #amsat

realy great for me Malcolm ( VE2DDZ )

more info hr


Well done Malcolm, nice to see someone else using the Sats on a SOTA. Although mine is easier in some respects as it does not move (QO-100). I’ve tried using the LEO’s and two hands is just not enough, when you need to aim the aerial, control the radio and write a log.

Good luck with your operating.

Nick G0HIK

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HI Malcolm!
Good work! You’ll be able to make a lot of satellite QSOs if
you happen to be available at the right time for the passes.
I’ve made literally thousands of OSCAR QSOs with a single
HT and Arrow antenna, it’s even better with 2 HTs and the Arrow.
Also made many OSCAR QSOs with a HT/rubber duck from a
moving AMTRAK train going across the USA! It’s great fun!
P.S. My QSOs were NOT from SOTAs, it should be better up
in the clear!
John, K6YK


NIce work Malcolm! I’ve made many satellite QSO’s fom SOTA summits! Some with chasers in the EU on AO-7(b). I’m still looking for the elusive satellite trans-atlantic - S2S. :slight_smile:

de KE9AJ


I’m looking forward to doing more satellite from summits. I really need a beam antenna I can hike with, but that’s in the works :-).

I’m not enjoying the zoo on the FM satellites though and it’s not just the poor antenna on the summits. I’ve been working from home as well and on many passes, I hear many people talking and few people listening. Since everyone is stepping on everyone else there are not so many QSOs completed as a result.

Malcolm VE2DDZ