One reference, two ops in different associations?

Yesterday I activated DL/AL-277 together with Herbert OE9HRV and Juerg HB9BIN. I was operating as DL/HB9DST/P. When I walked over to chat with Herbert, he was operating as OE9HRV/P, no DL/. I asked him why he didn’t also use DL/. He explained that the activation zone extends into both countries, he was sitting in OE, so there was no need for the DL/. I on the other hand, was across the border in Germany, so I needed the DL/. (Actually, my “seat” was the stone marking the border.)

This now all makes perfect sense. I could have really confused the chaser community by using his rig for a few QSOs and signing as OE/HB9DST/P for the same summit, but I decided that the resulting flood of e-mails questioning what I was doing wouldn’t be worth it.


Hi Paul,
That’s an interesting summit, and it doesn’t look too hard to get to either. It would make a nice afternoons outing from Friedrichshaven in June. I could run my German call on one side of the border for German speaking contacts and then cross over the border and run my Australian or UK call (both are still valid), prefixed with OE/, for English language contacts.

Was there any private land to avoid, I see Lindenschwend road appears to end at a farm. Is Gmeind a private road (or track), it goes to about 30m below the summit from what I can see from the SOTA mapping project page.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,
It was a very easy activation (except for some deep snow in places). Not much in terms of ascent, pretty flat. Don’t worry about private property. In fact, there are tons of publicly maintained cross-country ski trails throughout the area, and we followed them for much of the route to the summit. We parked in a lot on the main road almost directly at the German/Austrian border. Sorry, I can’t give you any info about Gmeind.


Actually looking further at the map, there’s a “Stubel” there where it would be nice to park and get something to eat either before or after the activaion (or both) and then walk up the slope from there. It looks like a reasonably easy walk up.

I’m thinking about June with some UK visitors, rather than this time of year, so hopefully there won’t be much snow left by then HI.

73 Ed.