One foot on one summit and one foot on the other

For Barry N1EU - thank’s for clearing the situation up by placing a demarcation line in time terms in the middle of your activation. Good decision.

For the MT (Brian G8ADD Tom M1EYP) - let’s hope the Area Managers sort out this grey area out between themselves (territorial disputes in SOTA?!) and you don’t need to step in. I think the MT ought to consider the specific rule and decide whether to allow the border activations to continue. I certainly think they add something of interest and operators are attracted to those summits as a means of accruing more points and contacts in a shorter time frame. I certainly was. This is currently legal if the operator changes his seating position and providing the border can be clearly defined, which is not always the case.

For Stephan DM1LE - Your determination to retrieve the forgotten pole is admirable after you descended around 2500ft (in old money terms)at the end of a double activation in the German Alps. Well done!

Many thank’s to everyone else who pitched in with a comment.

Phil G4OBK