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ON7DQ trip to DL in March

Hi all,

I’m slowly waking up from my winter sleep … hi.

My first activation trip for 2016 is coming up.
I’m going to the Bergheim Funkflohmarkt (hamfest) in Bergheim (DL) on March 12.
I will be staying in a hotel in Jülich, not so far from Bergheim, and very close to one of the few remaining summits in that area (after March 1st): DM/NW-134 Sophienhöhe.

On friday March 11, I’d like to activate as much ON summits as I can, from these four:
ON/ON-010 Baraque Fraiture
ON/ON-013 Bois de Hodinfosse
ON/ON-011 Sur Clair Fa
ON/ON-001 Signal de Botrange
(all depending on weather and traffic …)

The hamfest is on saturday morning, in the afternoon I would then like to go to
DM/NW-134 Sophienhöhe

Sunday is not sure, if the weather is good, I may go back to DM/NW-123 Sophienehoehe and take part in the UBA 2m contest (Sunday 7-11h UTC, CW/Phone) , and work some more chasers

On monday I’m going back to Belgium, maybe I can visit the two PA summits I did last time, PA/PA-002 and PA/PA-003

Now some questions …

  • Does anyone have some access info for DM/NW-134 Sophienhöhe (which parking lot to use, shortest walk to the summit, where best to setup …)
    The website of DO2KFC seems to be down …

  • Any SOTA activators also going to the Bergheim Hamfest?

  • Any activators also going to one of those summits on those days ?
    Would be nice to have some joint activation and/or have an eyeball chat …
    Let me know and we can arrange some meeting schedule

  • I finally got my Linx 7" tablet (with Windows 8.1 & FLDIGI) working via the mic/ear connector, via a homebrew interface into the KX3, so I could do some digital, but is it worth the trouble ? is anyone interested in PSK (or RTTY) for SOTA ? Let me know if yes …

and for everyone … hope to see you in my log !

Luc - ON7DQ

Maybe you mean Sophienhöhe DM/NW-134

Indeed Jim, tnx for pointing out my error (corrected in original post) … I said I was still waking up, hi

Luc, if you publish the fact you will have digi modes with you, people will be interested. The fact you could write up how to do this with a cheap tablet and free software may encourage more people to try.

Hallo Luc…

I was up there in summer 2015.
Pls send me a email…fox fox lima at gmx.net
then I will send you some infos abt.

73 de Franz ON9CBQ

Hello Luc,

I was on DM/NW-134 in 2014. It is a very good VHF site, a huge spoil heap with plenty of trees at the top but take off will be OK in winter, hi.

Here are my notes for access at the time:

L213 to Welldorf and continue east to Guesten. Take a local road called Buschfeld over the bridge (B55) to a small parking area (unsurfaced) at the base of the spoil heap. A path opposite a zig-zag forestry track will lead you to the top of the spoil heap (plateau). Proceed in a southerly direction for about 2km to the highest point. Note: the paths are suitable to all terrain bikes.
The ascent took about 45 minutes.

Wish you every success with your SOTA activation.

73, Phil ON4TA

Hi All,

I just posted all alerts for my trip on sotawatch.
If anyone want another band/mode, just ask !
I can operate 40m - 2m, SSB, (SLOW) CW; PSK, RTTY.
For digimodes I won’t be using the Lynx 7" tablet, but direct keying in the KX3, and I will test-drive my newest Arduino project : a text reader with an LCD display which can hold up to 460 characters + logging onto SD-CARD with time stamp from RTC module (see pictures).


I Hope it also works in the cold … :wink:

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