ON7DQ Short EA5 Trip, 18-29 september 2021

Since I no longer travel alone, I had to divide my time between “playing tourist” and SOTA.
So this time I only did 3 summits.
But it was enough to get the EA5 Association on my list for the Mountain Explorer Award , get a few DX contacts, and I even got a first activation of a summit.
Nice !

Read the reports on my blog here:

I lured the YL into that last one, promising her that there was a nice “Gaudi style” church to be seen on the summit … but I didn’t tell in advance that the real summit was still more than an hour (rather steep) climbing from that church, HI.

Happy reading, and enjoy the pictures !



NOTE: I had prepared the above post in the “News Editors” category to be published in the monthly SOTA News, but since we haven’t seen any SOTA News for a long time now, I moved it to the Activation Reports category, so that anyone can read it.

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