ON7DQ Mallorca Trip 2017

I wanted to go to Mallorca EA6 for several years, but this year it will finally happen !
I’ll be there 7-21 May 2017, doing lots of SOTA I hope, but of course I will do some “tourist things” too … so I won’t be on the summits every day.

I have already a lot of info from G4OBK, EA6AIF and others … but I found it difficult while reading Phil’s blog to quickly see … where on Mallorca is now summit 033 or 044 or 055 ??
(I did try to use the KML file by ON6ZQ, but couldn’t get it to work … will look into that later)
So for now, I made 4 maps , and added all the numbers.
Printed those with a color printer, and so got a nice overview … and helps in solving my “traveling salesman problem”, hi

(Thanks to Rob DM1CM for the sotamaps, but maybe my work could be done in one step, by adding a third Icon type “summit number” ?)

Here my maps, but if you want them in original resolution, send me a mail via my qrz address.

Anyone having activated on Mallorca, feel free to stalk me with info, special resquests for modes, or summits you need for sota complete, etc …
But don’t ask me to sneak onto Puig Major ! hi


HI Luc

You won’t regret going to Mallorca for a holiday and the SOTA. I will be going back for sure…
You can see the body of the old windmill on MA-044 from the lovely promenade in Port de Pollenca. It is one of the easiest summits to access from the six on the Formentor Peninsular. I do not know 033 or 055 which are in other parts of the island but others ops have been there and should be able to provide useful info.

I will return from Czech Republic on May 8th and will be looking for you on the Mallorcan summits from my home QTH. I have chased all I have activated so far but with a two week break you should visit some new ones for me to chase I imagine!

73 Phil

After discussing with Luc this morning the possibility of displaying the summit codes in labels beside the summit marker icons, I threw together a solution in the SMP to enable the display of such labels.

The “Icons” map control in the top right-hand corner of the map area has been changed to include a couple of new items to control the display of such labels; here’s a screenshot:

The new controls allow the user to enable or disable the display of summit-code labels, and when they are enabled, to alter how much of the summit-code should be displayed in the label:

  • the full summit code, with association and region codes; e.g EA6/MA-048, or
  • just the region code and summit code, as e.g. MA-048, or
  • the summit code only as e.g. 048.


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I like it I like it… so the Gerry and the Pacemakers song went…

Thanks to Luc for the idea and for Rob for adding it to the SOTA Mapping project. As I know the country I am studying when viewing I prefer to just display the summit region and code.

Brilliant - thank you.

Phil G4OBK

just WOW !
I posed my question just this morning, and now you have already done it , and your solution is more than I asked for !
Thanks so much Rob, I owe you one* when we meet in FH this summer (at least I hope you’re there)
73 Luc ON7DQ

Yes, good music Luc - Shalamar - Brit Funk, my favourite music genre… we going off topic now hihi…

73 Phil