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ON-trip with PA0SKP

Sake PA0SKP and I made a nice 3 day trip to the Ardennes to celebrete 5 years of SOTA Belgium.

We stayed two nights in a nice hotel near Houffalize close to the river Ourthe. We managed to work al the eight planned ON - summits and one extra in France.

When we had activated ON-006 my GPS showed me that one France summit was only 6 km away ( as the crow flies ). So we decided to activate that one also, however is was more than 40 minutes by car to get there …. So one point extra, a lot of mosquito bites and one new country for Sake. We managed to walk to the GPS marker within a distance of 12m, the actual point is in a swamp.

Sake worked mainly on 30 and 40m CW, and I worked SSB mainly on 40m. Half of the summits we worked with one set-up, the other half we worked with two separate stations parallel with a separation of 50-200m to avoid QRM.

I used my new 4 cell 5000 mAh Lipo battery for the first time and worked 3 summits with one battery using 25w output. Highly recommended. More info later.

Thanks to all who worked us, I worked about 210 stations and drove 1025 km. That is 23 km/point and 114 km/summit. Better not think about the litres fuel/point hi hi.

Summits ON/ON-026,010,016,006,004,013,025,001 ,also F/NO-003.

73 the Hans ON/PA3FYG/P & F/PA3FYG/P

In reply to PA3FYG:
Bedankt voor ON/ON-025. Ik heb ON/PA0SKP/p ( Sake ) gewerkt vanaf die Summit. Vreemd genoeg op de andere summits is het me niet gelukt. Eerste ON-Summit.
73 PA9CW, Tonnie