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ON SOTA promo team

The ON SOTA promo team will be present at the open door of the Radio Club Leuven on 24 and 25 April. more info www.radioclubleuven.be

73, Peter - ON4UP
ON association manager

In reply to ON4UP:


Do not forget to participate at NEW-DIRAGE-meeting in Lummen from the section DST.
Date: April 9th (from 09.00h until 16.00h)
One of the biggest meetings in Belgium. All tables are almost sold out !!! Sure to do if possible. Be there …


Dr Vanderhoeydonckstraat 56
B-3560 Lummen

Highway E314 / exit nr 26

Long. 05° 12’ 00" E
Lat. 50°59’ 07" N

Best 73

In reply to ON6DSL:

Luc, we will pass at the Dirage also. I hope to meet you!

73, Peter

In reply to ON4UP:


If it allows me … I will surely come and take a look at Dirage.

73 Luc ON6DSL

In reply to ON4UP:

Would have love to come but i’m operator at OT5A while in CQ WPX SSB. I’ll run 80mtrs with some other op’s.

73 on6uu

In reply to ON6UU:

Good luck and a lot of fun at OT5A Frank!

73, Peter