ON/ON Hohes Venn on Mar 2/3, 2024 by DL3HAH and DL1HBT

Kai, DL3HAH and I will be airing at least 5 summits in ON/ON plus DM/RP-003 on Mar 2/3, 2024 running mainly on 30 and 40m in CW. Rig: IC-705/w 10 watts, EFRW. Listen for ON/DL3HAH/P and ON/DL1HBT/p respectively and check SOTAwatch or SOTL.AS. Details to follow as activation period comes closer… vy73/55, Tom


Hi Tom,

I may or may not be in the area that weekend, so who knows we bump into each other on a summit.
I’m just keeping an eye on the WX predictions, I haven’t decided on the date yet.
But I intend to do my regular winter bonus tour sometime in February or March for sure.

I have done this tour several times, sometimes in the snow, but I have also been lucky to do it with sunshine, blue sky and 15°C, operating in my T-shirt … see reports on my blog (like this 2023 tour : ON7DQ (KF0CR) HAM Radio Blog: SOTA Winter Tour 2023 )

73 es GL,


Sounds great, Luc. We are looking forward to meeting you in person on one or the other summit in case you decide to go “on winter tour” on Mar 2/3 :slight_smile: Cheers, Tom

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…I am still waiting to chase ON/ON-028 and ON/ON-030 :smirk:

73 Armin


Hi Armin, both are out of reach for the limited time in terms of our goal to maximize the score towards MG (Kai will achieve MG during that trip)… so unfortunately we can not serve you this time. vy73/55, Tom

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Hi Thomas,
I have watched the WX predicitions, and I will delay my tour to the weekend of March 9 &10. So we will probably not meet in person, but maybe you need a few of those summits for complete.
GL es 73,

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Hi Luc and good morning!
Thanks for your information and sorry that we will not be able to meet in person… better luck next time :wink:
Kai and I will listen for you, so I hope that we will make it at least “on-air” this time.
Stay safe and healthy and keep up your good work, Tom