ON/ON-027 Pottelberg info?


I will be driving to Holland on Saturday and might stop by at Pottelberg to activate the summit.
Has anybody got any practical info about the access to the summit? where to park, etc…?

Many thanks
73s de Angel M0HDF

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Hopefully in future this answer can be solved by the tracks section of the SOTA Mapping project (http://sotamaps.wsstvc.org/tracks.php). Unfortunately no tracks are uploaded until now.

Sorry for hijacking this thread for promotion of the SMP.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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While tracks are useful - to those equipped to use them - there is a proper place for information about summits, and that is the “Resources” section of the Summit Information page. This section is provided so that users can insert links to useful information about the summit, such as parking, access, tracks and so forth. This facility is well used for some Associations and totally ignored by others. I suggest that it would be a valuable service to future activators if the present day activators start using this facility.


Brian G8ADD

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Hello Angel…

let me know your e-mail…
then I will send you some brief information about ON/ON-027.

73 de Franz

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Looking on google earth, the summit seems to be the location of a sporting facility with football field & tennis courts. There should be plenty of parking available, if not the activation zone is fairly large so you shouldn`t have a problem finding somewhere. There even looks to be a cafe on the summit (Chalet Radar). Have fun.

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The summit is extremely easily accessible by car and there is no problem at all to park the car.

Should there be activity on the football field, just walk the way along the first communication pylon up to the second one, where there are plenty of trees to hang your antenna.

(But do not go for the sight, you will be disappointed :wink: )

Christophe ON6ZQ

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Hi Franz. My email is Angel_andresfer at yahoo dot es

Cheers, Angel

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Thanks Christophe.