ON/ON-027 at last

Hi all,
Next weekend I am in a hotel nr the Belgium border, a 2 day holiday as a present for my birthday on May 20.
I want to activate ON/ON-027 , the last ON for me, waiting for a long time. Just a parking place/ football field, and out of my route in holiday trips, but has to be done!
Not sure Satersday or Sunday at the moment. I will anounce my actiity.
Hope to work you seems to be a lot of QRM there.
I will take porto 2/70 with me as well!
Hope to work you.
73 de Hans

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Hello Hans, I will listen out for you.
Cheers Ken

Hope to see you Hans,enjoy your holiday Birthday. Don.

I hope there’s no football match planned :wink: Have fun Hans!

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What is a good FM 2 mtr freq.? 145.500?
Never use it…

Good luck with 2m in ON. 145.500 is the only frequency you might get a contact … but I would not count on it to make 4 QSO’s.

Tnx, I guess u are right. Not like when I started in1981…
Planning is Saterday first to Pottelberg, 3 hours drive, then visit Brugge/Gent in the rest of the weekend.
73 de Hans

Hi Hans en Jose,
Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Congratulations!
Veel plezier!

73, Sake