ON/ON-010 Fraiture: wrong longitude

ON/ON-010 activators most probably have noticed that the location of the summit reference is far from logic.

This is caused by a discrepancy between the ON ARM and the SOTA database concerning the ON/ON-010 longitude:

  • ON ARM: 05 43 52 E
  • Database: 05 45 52 E

The reference in the ARM is ‘Fraiture’ as everybody knows.

73, Peter - ON4UP

In reply to ON4UP:

“Fraiture” - Ah yes, bass player with “The Strokes”! :wink:

Presumably a mistranscription error which will be put right, which figure is correct?


Brian G8ADD

In reply to ON4UP:

In fact the database and the English-language version of the ARM agree that the longitude is 05 45 52 E. Only the Dutch-language version differs. Please advise the Begian AM of the discrepancy, and ask him to send a corrected version of the ARM when convenient.

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:

I have informed Johan ON5EX (the Belgian AM) about the discrepancy.

73, Peter - ON4UP