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ON/ON-009 Query

I have been doing some planning for a possible trip to Belgium later in the year. When I started planning a couple of months ago I am sure that ON-009 Iverst was not on the list. However, when checking through some info tonight it would appear to have reappeared!

Was this summit deleted and then reinstated or am I just going mad in my old age?

The other thing I note about this summit is that it appears to be predominantly in Germany. I am assuming that there is access to the AZ on the Belgium side.

73 Glyn

Yes, on the 1st of April (no joke)

and yes again. If you take a look on whatever map, you’ll see that there is a road on the border between Belgium and Germany. There is a parking place situated in Germany on the right side of that road when facing north.

Don’t hesitate to contact me Glyn if you need more info on ON summits.


Thanks for the info Peter.

One more question at the moment - roughly how long would it take to drive from Dunkirk to Malmedy?

I am sure there will be other questions so I will contact you again.

73 Glyn

Dunkirk - Malmedy will take +/- 3h … whitout traffic jams of course :wink: Malmedy - parking ON/ON-009 takes 35 minutes.