ON/ON-009 Iverst today

I seem to have caused much confusion this afternoon. This summit is on the border between Belgium and Germany. I operated in the AZ, but on the German side of the border in the handy car park. So I called as DL/M0WML/P on ON/ON-009. If you logged me as ON/M0WML/P then that is incorrect.

The “summit” is another one with multiple roads and car parks in the AZ.

Ended up sat in a comfy chair with our dinner table out of the van. Easy 8 points. I could have wandered around but it all seemed rather pointless to do so.

Someone suggested there was an equivalent DM/RP summit, but I am guessing this duplicate has been deleted?

Yes, indeed Gerald. DM needs P150 while ON only needs P100 to qualify for a SOTA summit.

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Hi Gerald, I was one of “the confused” yesterday regarding ON/ ON-009 Iverst.
Surely, as you operated from the German side of the border you were not in the AZ of ON/ON-009 but in, what was, until it was deleted, DM/RP-??? - ie you were not in Belgium but in Germany, so you were not on a Belgium summit !
I know there are many summits that have a border crossing them, but they always seem to have two summit references - one for each country. If you had operated from the other side of the road there wouldn’t have been a problem - HI !
But despite this confusion, I have to thank you for all the pleasure you have given everyone with all the summits activated in the past weeks. Having been away from SOTA for over 4 years, chasing you and others has rekindled my radio enjoyment,

73 Graham G3OHC

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There are few of those left and they are steadily being eliminated, see the General Rules, 3.5.5. Gerald was operating correctly.

Did the same. Just to keep the chasers awake. And because there is a picknick table on the German side.
G3OHC, the AZ doesn’t stop at the border.

73, Hans PB2T

I appreciate that the AZ of ON/ON-009 does not stop at the border, but a summit with an ON reference was activated with a German call - how can that be ?
If the DM/RP-??? reference had not been deleted due lack of P150 then DL/M0WML/P would be OK, but an ON summit activated with a DL call, I find somewhat strange, but if it is generally accepted as being ok then fine - it’s a pity there is not a picnic area on the other side of the road and over the border in Belgium that could be easily used !

73 Graham G3OHC

It might be easier to grasp if you think about a more domestic example. Take GW/SW-041, Black Mountain. This was moved from G to GW when higher ground than the trig point was found on the Welsh side of the summit, so some people operate from the highest point using a GW prefix (no pedantry!) and others still operate from the trig point (inside the AZ) with a G call on a GW summit.

In the case of ON/ON-009, the summit is “owned” by ON, but part of the AZ is in DL. Your callsign MUST reflect the country you operate from, but the summit designation doesn’t change. I can think of at least one case where the AZ of a summit is shared between three countries, but only one “owns” the summit!

That’s the example I was thinking of, along with Peel Fell (G/SB-004) where you can operate from GM… But I think you’ll find the trig near SW-001 (Hay Bluff) is well outside the AZ :-s

73 de Paul G4MD

OFF Topic

Hi Graham (G3OHC)

Long time no hear - where have you been? You used to be a regular but I haven’t worked you on a summit since 15/05/2011 which was from the Isle of Man. Folk seem to come and go in SOTA for various reasons.

Good to see you back in the fray chasing points again! I’ll soon be logging you again.

73 Phil

You are right, it is 26 metres below the summit on my map - in my defense, last time I was up there SOTA was a couple of decades in the future!

Thanks for that Brian - I’ve been away from SOTA too long !
I remember the Black Mountain change from G to GW with activations with either a G or GW call.
Makes sense, but to me, still seems to be a little odd - I like things to be more “Black & White” , but that’s me !

73 Graham

Hi Phil
My circumstances changed, so I took a break, but the "old SOTA bug " grabbed me again a couple of months ago so I got myself a Kenwood TS 590SG and dug out my old G5RV, squashed it in the loft of my flat in Surrey and hey presto I’m back on the air again, although not as good setup as in Yorkshire but enjoying Radio & SOTA again !
Look forward to working you on a summit again soon !

73 Graham

I’ll be looking forward to you chasing me again Graham. Far too long since you were in my log.

Hi Andy, look forward to QSO’s again when conditions permit ! - couldn’t hear you on your latest trip, but will keep chasing and who knows !

73 Graham

Fantastic Graham, you have got yourself a very good transceiver there with the Kenwood 590SG. The good thing about SOTA is you don’t need a mega station to make QSOs either as an activator or chaser. Like you I have moved house and no longer have such as good set up as I had at the last place, although my aerial is outside, but I don’t have an HF beam up as yet. I’ll be activating in Germany next week for 3 days and in the Czech Republic after that. I’ll be listening out for you. On Saturday I am hoping to activate PA/PA-006 which wasn’t a counter the last time I was in the Netherlands.

73 Phil

This Saturday in the Netherlands Phil?
I am only 30 km away from PA-006. Do you have spare time?

73, Hans PB2T

This summit seems to be activates quite frequently.

I have also been there a few weeks ago. When I had returned to my holiday flat, I could work Iverst a a chaser.

In order not to confuse the chasers (and myself), I did the activation from the ON part of the activation zone. So I had to bring my own blanket, no camping tables around.

Please not that the German part of the AZ could be interesting also for VHF. There is a view tower, about 30m high. I found a nice picture a German wikipedia:

73 de Robert, DL4ROB