ON/ON-004 29/06/2020

28/06/2020 It was a restless night, lot rain wind and thunder. But by mornig the rain had diminished , the thunder had gone and the wind had also diminished. When the day awoke, the sun had also risen, That was good, not that it was such a high mounting where I wove up. No there are not in Belgium. At 8h45 locally I left the camper to drive 14km with the MTBike to SOTA ref: on/on-004. Taken a few pictures along the way, and arrived at the place at 9h50. I was welcomed by signs “forbidden entry military domain” tall radars looked down upon me menacigly. I came within range of the indicated point with a littel detour. Did the setup of the linked dipole .Took the KX3 out the backpack and made 56 QSO’s 30 on 40m cw and 26 on 20m ssb. It was 12h30 and the battery voltage had dropped, so I had to stop. No one seen, the militairy were’t curious about what I did there. To drive back tot he camper I only had to give 1 kick on the bike it was always downhill. Thanks to all Om’s how have make a contact and sorry to those who I have not heard or been able to work.
Don ON7QR 73 gdl


Hi Don
I felt very uncomfortable when i was there, I only speak English so was worried I may not be able to explain what i was doing there. I didn’t see anyone and I couldn’t find the trig so operated near that mast.
73 Mike

Don’t worry. This is Belgium…

We tend to take things with a smile and are very fond of surrealism (René Magritte is belgian…).


/- Jmm

Hi Mike, oops you don’t have tob e afraid at all, you use a world language and Belgians are always open to everyone. But I understand you , the signs with a military dmain make a perso think differently, the brand point is in the domain and not really free accessible but just past the second (smallest) radar you are close.
If you come back again, You can always give a signal, then we will arrange somting.
Regards Don ON7QR 73 Gdl

Hei Jean-Marc. qui c’ete comme tu dis, un vrai Belge est tolérant et utilise son sourire.
73 Don ON7QR
Hei Jean-Marc.
Yes it is as you say, A real Belgian is tolerant and uses his smile.
73 Don ON7QR