ON/ON-001 and ON/PA3FYG/P at televison RTBF2

During my short holiday in the south of The Netherlands ( Valkenburg ) we made a trip to Le Petite Hesse ON/ON-001.
Nice trip of one hour. No snow on the road. On the top at 684m there was however about 20 cm of snow ( SNOTA !). The top is near the road, so this is a easy one.
During my activation I worked 38 stations, all on 40m SSB.
I stopped after it began to snow.
At the end I was filmed by a TV crew from the French part of Belgium, the RTBF2. It is transmitted on Tueday 29 dec at 15.00 UTC ( I least I think, some language problems … ). Sorry no RTBF on the cable at home. Hope to find it on Internet.
Thanks to all the stations!

Pictures on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30144378@N05/sets/72157622964140899/

73 de Hans ON/PA3FYG/p