ON-008 today

Had a glorius afternoon on the Kemmelberg in company of ON4CVL who worked on 40-ssb. Skip was rather long working SM, OH, EA, DL, 9A…

Used my usual toys: Icom 703 and a slinky dipole hung up in inverted V at about 8m high on the summit.

Very glad to work Dan DH8DX/P for a S2S from DM/TH-003. I have a question about this QSO. Do I put this in my “chaser” log to claim the points or in my “activator” log?

Cu on a next activation

de Peter, ON3WAB and Lieven ON4CVL

In reply to ON3WAB:
Hi Peter
Sorry to miss the elusive 008 today - as you say skip long :frowning:
You need to put the activation in both logs (activator for all contacts and Chaser for your StoS).

Roger G4OWG

Hi Roger,

We only worked 1 G station: G3OKA. Nothing heard from others in U.K.

Thank you also for the info.



God bless Mike :o)

Great to work you S2S Dan. You made my day.

73, Peter

In reply to ON3WAB:

I had a good tune around Peter but the skip was just weird today on 40m. I’m glad you had a great day out and enjoyed another s2s.

I always try to feed the s2s info to ops and this has created a good few s2s that might have been otherwise missed.

I’ll get you next time out with luck.

vy 73