Old school log sheet

I certainly do!

A6 notepad from a brand caller Rite in the Rain!

About £6 from eBay!

I think they do A5 for about £9, I may push the boat out next time!!

I never record the S meter reading, if I exchange it with the chaser, I’m happy!! They normally always confirm!!

Mechanical pencil, no need for a sharpener and they’re bright coloured plastic, so if you drop them, they’re easy to find!

Pencil better and you can rub it out and reuse the page if you wish to! However, like my shack paper log books, I keep them as a record!!

73 G8XYJ


When I’m not enjoying a little repartee concerning ISO paper sizes, I like to indulge in the weekly shop (these days you’ve got to take your kicks where you can get them). Two own-brand Pentel clones cost me a quid, plus another pound for an own-brand A6 notepad. I’ll see how I get on with that.

I used to carry both waterproof and non-waterproof log sheets back int’ day. As I recall I only every really used the waterproof ones when I had forgotten to to print more standard ones/left them at home etc.

Sounds like a typical GM activation :rofl:

I use A4 Rite in the Rain paper, excellent in the wet but so long since I bought a box I can’t remember where from/how much. Mine is a fetching shade of green I suspect it was a military supplier…


One of many available on that website, other sources are available :wink:

Victor GI4ONL

Been known to blow away - which is why I use the same as G8XYJ, the small Rite in the Rain logbook. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rite-in-the-Rain-3x5-Waterproof-Pocket-Notepad-Notebook-Olive-Green-R-935G-NEW/171989431779?epid=1119880260&hash=item280b5e75e3:g:p6QAAOSwxvxW8RjF

Other suppliers are available…

73 Phil

Oh yes, and lets not forget the good old shortened HB pencil…

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Maybe a merchandise idea for the SOTA shop made from normal and waterproof paper

  • Single pages of water proof paper logbook in A4 and A5 size
  • logbook A5 with logbooklet with table print
  • other ideas

Getting a nice useful design could be a fun collaborate activity.

73 Joe

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Hi Victor,

Nice find - UKL 5.25 for 10 sheets to try it out - the only problem is the UKL 8.39 shipping charges. I’d need to find a source here in Germany I think. Unfortunately, I’d need a laser printer to use this paper as it specifically states NOT FOR INKJET PRINTERS. I used to have a laser printer but it’s long gone, so I guess the search goes on.

I guess it makes sense that the paper sees the ink as a fluid and rejects it. the same as it does rain.

73 Ed.

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For the last 20 years I’ve not needed a printer at home, I’ve had access to various mono and colour printers now with a fantastic A3 colour sat in the office. This printer was a replacement for the old A3 colour laser and was delivered the week after our office started its lockdown :frowning: It has printed a few test pages, that’s all! So I now need to buy my own colour laser and it’s a nightmare trying to find which one to buy as you try and figure out which has the best running costs etc. Some must use toner made from material more costly per gm than Gold or Platinum!

Just about ready to take my old HP (used to be) colour laser printer to the tip; cost of new cartridges that work is greater than the cost of a new printer (of some other make). For now it’s limping on in monochrome mode…

Not when it is SOTA certificates - I had to redesign the layout for some of them to be able to offer US Letter size certificates in PDF format :frowning:

SOTAbeams used to sell waterproof log sheets - I guess they were not very successful (commercially)

Inkjet, by essence, is not appropriate for water resistant paper. The ink is water based, doesn’t stick and is washed away with water. Laserjet cooks the powder on the paper and is thus the recommended technique.

Loose sheet paper is available directly from “Rite in the Rain” (Rite in the Rain All Weather Printer Paper, 8.5x11 Letter, No. 8511-50) to print your own.

Another way to do it, is to use simple lined (or blank) paper with the “Fast Log Entry” shorthand notation. This is what I use as a backup when conditions are poor and can’t use my mobile phone. (where I use also the FLE format, by the way).

As I activate also WWFF (which takes longer generally), when going analog, I use a Rite In The Rain pocket size notebook so that a couple of drops or a water puddle don’t destroy my notes/logbook.

73 de ON4KJM

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Edit: I was talking nonse in this bit…

Another way to do it, is to use simple lined (or blank) paper with the “Fast Log Entry” shorthand notation. This is what I use as a backup when conditions are poor and can’t use my mobile phone. (where I use also the FLE format, by the way).

This looks interesting. Is there an established shorthand for when logging on paper, or have you devised your own? Do you find using FLE quicker than entering the same data into the SOTA database?

Dave M0MYA.

He probably mean that he does not write (on paper) a complete log line for each QSO, but uses the FLE syntax…
Not a bad idea !
I will try this next time i’m on a summit. :+1:

date 2020-10-22
20m cw 14.062
1503 RM2D
40m CW 7.032
11 F8DGF
1601 SV2OXS, etc…

73, Patrick TK5EP

He probably mean that he does not write (on paper) a complete log line for each QSO, but uses the FLE syntax…

I thought this was a very standard way to log on paper for us chasers. I’ve been doing this almost since the beginning!


I can recommend Zecom waterproof paper, available at A4 Zecom® Blank Laser Printable Waterproof Paper – WeatherWriter and elsewhere. In common with other products it is only suitable for laser printers (inkjet ink just washes off). It is totally waterproof and almost indestructible.

I have seen inkjet-friendly waterproof paper advertised, but never tried it. It was much more expensive than Zecom.

Martyn M1MAJ

Exactly what I meant.
I apologise for the confusion.

I normally use this “shorthand” format on my mobile phone with a note keeping app that automatically synchronises on multiple devices via the cloud. As an Android user, Google Keep is a very good choice.
It is very simple and economical in keystrokes, as you only input the necessary info (a lot is implied).

And you just paste it in Fast Log Entry (or use my conversion tool), and you immediately have a properly formatted CSV or ADIF file

Although requiring more post processing, the “analog” logging on free paper with a pencil is very robust and “field failure” proof, if care is taken to write the calls legibly. Thus a good backup solution.

This is an example of an electronic “log” stored via Keep. (reports are 599 by default. “5” is translated to 559 for example.)

Note that this method was explained to me by Christophe, ON6ZQ (for correct attribution).

73 de ON4KJM


Thanks gents - very interesting.

Something to pick up on a cold and wet wnter’s night to pass the time.

Rite In The Rain makes all sorts of pads and paper that hold up well. I use their small notebooks. I imagine they are available worldwide.

Rite In The Rain



I would try in military shops. I think I bought my waterproof notebook for about 5 USD equivalent

Polish shop below, but I think you can purchase in any of your country shops - just go to a military store, perhaps online: