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Old Pultney

OK, since I got so much information regarding the posthumous gift of Old Pultney from my good friend Lee, K6LQT SK, I thought I’d conclude with the results.

I took the advice to sip instead of admire to heart and opened the bottle. Much more flavorful than what I call Domestic Scotch Whisky … Cutty Sark comes to mind in that genre. I tend to know those of my friends who enjoy a good Scotch, so, for those who visited, I shared a bit. Universal comment was … “Wow, that’s Scotch Whisky!” I finally sipped the last tonite. RIP Lee, and thanks!

So thanks for the info and advice. Who would have thought that Summits On The Air had such cultural breadth. :grinning:


Skip, K6DGW

A fine way to remember an old friend. I hope you’d managed a few drams with him before his departure.
And now you’ve got the taste I’ll commend you to try some Irish whiskeys!

My local supermarket had Old Pultney on offer recently so I have (yet another) bottle in store.

Redbreast is a particularly nice Irish Malt Whiskey that I had a few times in Dublin last October. Irish Malt Whiskeys are similar to Scotch Malts but also very different. All that matters is you like them: Scotch, Irish, Japanese, Welsh, whatever.

I had a sample of an award winning Japanese malt at the airport on the way to Lanzarote, I can’t remember the name other than it began with a Y but it too was delightful albeit expensive.

I have recently wandered off into British Whisky from a new venture The Lakes Distillery in Cumbria, They won’t have any of their own malt available for some time, but I had an opportunity last week to taste it straight from the still and then a sample at just one year of maturation. It is coming on well but it is another 9 years till the final product - I can’t wait!