Old(ish) Radio Book

Hello All,

I’m trying to dredge up a memory, but not quite managing it. When I was a kid in the early 90s I got my first book an amatuer radio, and I’d like to rediscover what it was called. It had a picture of a youth on the cover (I think he may have been a Novice License holder). He may have been given some kind of trophy. The cover showed him at the operating position of his shack. Inside there was a ton of information designed to inspire - stuff to do with SSTV and MIR or Shuttle missions. There was a design for a cystal set built on a bit of softwood, using a polyvaricon, chock blocks and a loo roll. The book finished up with a description of how to have your first QSO. I suspect it was a publication from the RSGB.

I wonder if this rings a bell for anyone? It’s driving me mad trying to bring it to mind.

Many Thanks and 73,
Dave M0MYA.

Perhaps this one?

Yes, Gerald! Got it in one - thanks so much!

I’ve just ordered a copy for the princely sum of 30p (and 2.69GBP shipping) from the rainforest site.


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