Old Fav' Gummer's How

Everyone was moaning about HF band conditions today, the QSB was fading S9 signals to nothing at times - it cost me at least one S2S. I thought it was looking better, and felt like I’d missed out yesterday but Don @G0RQL said it had been just as bad. Fabio @IK2LEY was faint but workable on I/PM-263.

I used today as an excuse to try some more exotic combinations of band and mode (for me at least) so I can verify the code I have written to calculate the SOTA LD weekend challenges is working correctly. I took the FT-817, MiniPA50 amp for HF, the Super Antenna MP1 and Arrow Alaskan 4/10 element 2m/70cm.

Although the WX was overcast it was perfect activation weather - but not great for photos.

Looking North with Lake Windermere stretching into the distance

My QSO with Andy @G8CPZ on 70cm CW was the most exotic of the day. I tried 12m and 10m with no joy, 3 contacts on 17m.

Super Antenna MP1 for HF

I didn’t get a photo of the Arrow Alaskan, boot it looks impressive on the tripod - the guying kit being a requirement.

Summit Radio Junk Pile

A nice run of local 2m FM contacts with North Pennines SOTA being well represented with 3 activators and a chance 70cm SSB contact into South Pennines territory with 2E1PEJ/P activating Winter Hill.

08:40 OE6STD/P 14.285 20m SSB 55 54 Horst Thaller OE/ST-369
08:43 F5JKK 14.325 20m SSB 59 58 ERIC JAUCH
08:43 EA2DT 14.325 20m SSB 55 55 Manuel
08:43 EA7GV 14.325 20m SSB 59 53 JOSE L. MENJIBAR
08:43 UR3LM 14.325 20m SSB 57 56 Anatoly Pavlovich R
08:44 SQ9MDF 14.325 20m SSB 59 55 Leszek
08:47 IK2LEY/P 14.325 20m SSB 53 53 FABIO PELLIZZONI I/PM-263
08:48 9A2KI 14.325 20m SSB 58 58 Istok Kapov - Ico
08:49 OH3GZ 14.325 20m SSB 58 59 JUKKA " Jack " KOVA
09:04 S57S 18.136 17m SSB 59 59 ALEKSANDER ZAGAR
09:12 SP9AWS 18.136 17m SSB 55 55 STANISLAW ( STAN )
09:13 OM5DP 18.136 17m SSB 56 55 MARTIN SUBA
09:24 DQ60ANT 14.205 20m SSB 59 57 Special Event Stati
09:32 G3RXQ 14.305 20m SSB 59 56 Stewart Baker
09:41 DL8ECA/P 7.141 40m SSB 55 55 M. Florian Pawlik DLFF-0226
09:44 ON4CB 7.170 40m SSB 57 55 Kurt Thys
09:45 G0RQL 7.170 40m SSB 58 55 DON ROOMES
09:46 G6CPZ 7.170 40m SSB 51 43 ALAN WINROW
09:47 M0BKV 7.170 40m SSB 58 58 DAMIAN KAMM
09:49 SM6CNX 7.170 40m SSB 58 55 DAN FRANZÉN
09:52 G4TGJ/P 7.032 40m CW 599 599 Richard Tomlinson G/NP-008
10:00 HB9BAB/P 10.112 30m CW 559 449 JUERG ALLEMANN HB/ZH-015
10:15 G8CPZ 432.055 70cm CW 599 599 AJ Barth
10:22 M0WCW/P 145.425 2m FM 59 59 Colin G/NP-017
10:26 G6WBS/P 145.475 2m FM 59 59 Shane G/NP-028
10:29 G4TGJ/P 145.550 2m FM 59 59 Richard G/NP-008
10:38 G1PIE 145.350 2m FM 54 42 MARK JOHN PROCTER
10:43 G6LKB 145.350 2m FM 59 59 David WARBURTON
10:47 GM4WHA 145.350 2m FM 54 42 GEOFF HARPER
10:50 G7CDA 145.350 2m FM 59 59 Douggie Lancaster
10:51 G4ZRP 145.350 2m FM 51 52 Brian
10:52 M7FLY 145.350 2m FM 59 59 Geoff McGuire
10:53 G0MHF 145.350 2m FM 59 59 John
10:58 G1PIE 432.200 70cm FM 59 59 MARK JOHN PROCTER
11:14 G6LKB 432.200 70cm SSB 59 59 David WARBURTON
11:16 2E1PJE/P 432.200 70cm SSB 58 58 Peter G/SP-010

Google Earth Contacts Map

Local Contacts

Thanks for the S2S and chase contacts, 73. Mark.


As you now have to pay in Glenshee Ski Centre carpark I’m getting value for money by replying whilst the car oil temperature gets warm enough for a blast home.

I though 20m was as lively as I’ve heard it for a while. I managed K4DY as first QSO and worked plenty of S5 stations. ODX was 4Z4DX who was loud. Antenna was inv-v dipole printing NW/SE. Good fun despite on summit feeder mods and stabbing myself cutting a ty-wrap :frowning: Now I know why plasters have use by date!

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Two things.

  1. We must have passed you heading south today.
  2. I don’t pay. I park at the Glas Maol end.

I don’t mind paying where the money is paying for footpaths, conservation or a Ranger, but not when it’s a money grab.

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I only spotted the sign as I was walking past the cafe so I nearly didn’t pay. I have no problem paying to places that saw their business decimated over the last 20months.

I heard Don working you on 40m Mark, but not a peep from you. Skip too long :cry:. I was on GI/SM-002

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Same here, Mark. I searched for you on several bands but the result was always the same… NADA.

:face_with_monocle: :thinking:

Conditions have been terrible for me today. I’ve managed to chase 15 activators so far, but most of the times, the signals were very marginal.




I heard you briefly on 20m at around 41 chasing another activator, so re-spotted myself on a clear frequency, but had no response from anyone at that point. At least one activator initially heard my callsign when attempting a S2S but then lost me and started working other strong stations.

‘Not for the want of trying’.

Cheers, Mark.

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No short skip today - listened for you on several bands but nothing doing.