OL15SOTA celebrating 15 years of SOTA in OK

Dear OMs,

Let me announce an operation of special callsign OL15SOTA which will take place during the whole year 2022. The station will be activated by different SOTA activators from different Czech SOTA summits.
There is an award connected to the activity for those which will achieve at least 5 QSOs with OL15SOTA on 5 different OK summits. Top 10 chasers in entire 2022 will get the extended certificate showing that achievement.
The complete rules are available on website of SOTA OK association.
The activations will be alerted on Sotawatch.

Mirek OK1CYC




Log of OL15SOTA as well as current standings of its best chasers is available at https://ol15sota.ok1cyc.net/log

Mirek OK1CYC


Hi OMs,
an update regarding the OL15SOTA award:

Since the activity of OL15SOTA is higher than expected and we already have many chasers fulfilling the award requirements (chase OL15SOTA activating at least 5 different OK SOTA summits), we are adding additional levels of the award to motivate the chasers for further contacts with OL15SOTA.

The bronze level of the award requires at least 10 contacts with OL15SOTA activating different OK summits. The silver level requires 25 summits and the gold level requires 50 summits.
Complete award rules are available at http://sota-ok.nagano.cz/ol15sota.html