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Ok8cdx & ok8vm

For those who do not know OK8CDX is the Czech callsign of Phil G4OBK and OK8VM is the call of Victor GI4ONL. Yesterday we also were operating in the DM/SX region and in the OK/KA region.

Here we are yesterday on Auersberg DM/SX-002:

We are now on day 4 of our operation in Czech Republic and will continue operating today from 5 or 6 summits in the OK/KA region.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will move hotel from the OK/KA to the OK/PL region until Tuesday night. On Wednesday we will pass through the OK/ST region on our way back to Prague Vaclav Havel Airport. On that journey we will activate 3 or 4 summits in the OK/ST region.

73 de Phil & Victor


Hi Phil (and Victor),
I have been listening for you when I’ve seen spots but so far no luck. A combination of skip distance and bad band conditions I think. Although on a couple of occasions there were strong eastern european stations on your spotted frequencies (which you would not hear because of their skip distance to you).

I’ll keep trying, when I see your next spots.

73 Ed.

After having chased OK8VM yesterday, I hoovered on the SOTAwatch spot to find out the operator name for my log and I was pleased to find it was Viktor GI4ONL.
Conditions are really tough most of the time for me with OK, but I was lucky and copied you in decent conditions for a while and we made our QSO.
Thank you!
I hope to be able to chase you again while you are in OK.


I did hear both of you today on EA8/GC-011, I tried several times to call, but no luck …
My last summit will be on monday, maybe it will work then …
Anyway, have a nice trip !
73 de Luc, EA8/ON7DQ

Thanks for the feedback Guru, Luc and Ed, we don’t spend long on summits so we can’t work every band and mode. Victor has concentrated on 30m and I have gone for 40m or 20m depending on the time of day and apparent condx. We spend around 20 minutes operating time on each summit. The only chaser I have worked on every summit so far is Terry G0VWP on SSB, Terry is now a prisoner to his shack if he is to maintain a 100% record until we finish on Wednesday! Will he do it? We’ll see.

Tomorrow we move into the OK/PL (Plizen) region for the last 3 nights of our tour. 6 or 7 summits planned en-route to the next hotel QTH in Stribro.

So far we have activated 21 summits and between us made 380 QSOs. The WX, food and drink has been excellent.

Today we were joined at our hotel by Jan OK2PDT who is also activating in the area for the next few days.

73 Phil OK8CDX & Victor OK8VM

Tonight in our hotel in Nove Hamry with OK2PDT:


We woke up to a hard frost in the OK/KArlovsky region, but a beautiful day clear blue skies for another day of SOTA

73 Phil OK8CDX


Nice photos :smile::laughing::grinning::sweat_smile:

Nice, have fun !
73, Tonnie

Where are you Tonnie? Please try some chasing… good to to PA on 7 MHz!

73 Phil G4OBK

It is a working day here in Stribro so we can take an early 0700 (CET) breakfast so we expect to be on the first summit OK/PL-076 at around 0600z - 0615z today. This will be for the breakfast club operators. Seven summits are planned for today.

Tomorrow for some reason unknown, the breakfast is at 0800 CET, so a later start for us tomorrow.

Jan OK2PDT/P is also operating on a few summits in the area as well as ourselves so chasers should keep an eye/ear out for him also.

73 Phil

Our last full day today in the OK/PL region. Revised plan for today - see amended alerts.

Let us hope HF condx are better today than they were yesterday. The weather made up for it - truly excellent.

73 Phil OK8CDX / G4OBK & Victor OK8VM / GI4ONL

Great to catch you twice on three days S2S Phil. I had seen the alerts but not put two-and-two together to realize it was you. It was only yesterday on Gummer’s How when you replied, in very trying conditions with strong QRM, ‘Hi Mark’ that I thought there must be more to this callsign that is first apparent!

I’ll write up the Gummer’s How activation separately. The band conditions were terrible compared to High Street two days before, and this QSO suffered from strong QRM this end which I managed to tune out just at the end of the contact. I had seen your alert but was very helpfully ‘tipped off’ by a chaser that you were on summit and just snuck in (both times it would appear) before you went QRT.

Great to meet you at the rally, obviously if it hadn’t clicked before it would have seeing the photos on this page.

Best regards, Mark. M0NOM

Cheers Mark. Just finished on /OK PL-086 waiting for Victor packing up. Summit 300m walk from the car. Condx certainly on 40m seem better this morning. Glad you put 2+2 together with our visitors callsigns.

73 Phil

Live picture from OK/PL-064 as I wait for Victor to pack His station.

Nice spec and WX!

73 Phil

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Thanks for activtating so many OK summits.
Yes conditions were good this morning on low bands.
Vy 73, enjoy your trip.

Thanks Laurent - lost count of QSOs with you today!

Fantastic day here, still 24c, live picture from last summit OK/PL-081 below.

40m condx much improved today, Victor says 30m much the same - mediocre.

Thanks to chasers for making our day and Victor the driver.
Phil & Victor

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Early start for the SOTA Breakfast Club this morning as we make our way to the Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague, calling at summits en-route.

73 Phil & Victor

Hi folks,
I’ll try to look out for you today, having to do some work in the backyard. Sorry i’m not able to have any QSO with Victor because my OCFD refuses to tune on 30m and my HF6V is down since a while.
Have a good way back to UK.

Vy 73



Just nice, thank you Phil. it’s always great to see where the dots and dashes are coming from.
Hope to work you when on the next summit

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