OK3KW log issue

Looking at “who chased me” i found that OK3KW has swap activator/chaser in his log.
may be OK3KW can mend this issue: see the picture.

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Hi Gerald,
there is no way to get in touch with OK3KW. He hasn´t his address neither in QRZ.com nor in the official issue of the Czech PTT…
73, Vrata OK1KT

I will email you privately about this. I have contact details for Karel from his SSO account. I’m not sure how good his English is so I will ask you to translate.

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Thank you Andy ! I will do my best of course !

Thanks for help. Best 73 and see you from summits.
Gerald F6HBI

Now it’s fine! thanks everybody.StyleCapture_2021-04-12_09-06-52_811

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OK1KT did the liaison work, so the thanks go to him.

Yes, Karel react immediately, Gerald ! Cu on the Summits soon.
Vrata, OK1KT.


Hello this is Gerald again.
yesterday i activated F/AM-627, after i uploaded my log and i looked at “who chased me” i found that Kurt HB9AFI did the same mistake (swap his call with mine) he then became activator of the summit he has chassed.
Then i had a look to different logs, and i found the same issue for others chassers.
May be it could be a way to avoid this problem?

It could be a mistake in the translations, if people are using translated SOTAData?

The question is which translated language in this webform would be the issue:
SOTA Database

Maybe the native speakers can have a look at the translation again. Could it be missleading with “my callsign” and “other callsign”
Not sure which language both HB9AFI and OK3KW would use.

May be the upload with CSV file?

Also possible. I guess Andrew could see in the log if it was a web-form or csv/adif.

Looking a bit further, it seems that it happens often; for instance EA3EBJ has logged 5 activations (1 qso each). The call sign for the first one is “10/04/2014”.

After spending 30 minutes trying to find server logs to show this, I actually looked at your log, and realised that’s not what Kurt did. He put someone else’s callsign in for your S2S, not mixed the order around. I’d say he probably just messed up the CSV file, eg, like a Fill-down error.

Our logs don’t go that far back (we only keep 4 weeks of detailed logs because they are several GB in size), so I can’t look that up. However, if you want to spend the remaining 83 posts in the thread highlighting issues in logs, it may be better to follow up with the individuals concerned directly via reflector PM.

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There is a problem what needs to be done to fix it?

  1. find scale of problem. (how many single qso activations are there?)
  2. find source of problem (inaccurate translation, poor choice of words, human error)

Fixes that may help

  1. fix words and translations at some point in future
  2. massage single qso activations in to chases.
  3. advise chasers making repeat logging errors so they can be more accurate.

Finding all the single qso activations is easy. Probably we should try to match single qso activation “activator” callsign with any other activations having more than 1 qso where the call is now that of a chaser. That will show how many bad logs there are and if there are some people repeatedly making the same mistake. They can be helped with some guidance for future logging.

First, find the scale of the problem.

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Some first numbers:

There are 366818 activations in the DB

3667 activations have a single QSO in them which is 0.999% of all activations.

2847 activations have only 2 QSOs in them.
1992 activations have only 3 QSOs in them.

The way CSV/ADIF uploading works when chases are entered as activations results in single QSO activations. The number for single QSO is in the same ballpark as the other genuine activations. So there are probably not that many chases logged as activations.

It needs more work still.

I’ve got loads (hundreds) of activations that contain one, two or three QSOs. But they’re not mistakes - they’re activations that recorded 1, 2 or 3 QSOs!

Several of my single QSO activations are S2S contacts too - so the check for the single QSO activation to see if the other callsign was an activator won’t (necessarily) work in my log.

Sorry if I’ve chucked a few spanners in the works!

Will it be possible to not allow this? If i am logged as F6HBI i cannot chase myself…