OK2QA/P on OK/PL-013

I hope I didn’t screw things up too badly today when trying to QSO with OK2QA/P on OK/PL-013. To give my 5 Watts and wet string antenna a chance, I waited patiently for most of the chasers to finish. I had just sent my report when a massive burst of local QRN obliterated everything. At one point I could just about hear someone else confirming my callsign to Ruda. I just want to say thanks for doing that, whoever you are.

73 Ken GI4FLG

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Hi Ken

On the face of it that does not sound like a valid QSO. As K1JT says “A minimal QSO involves the exchange of information [e.g. callsigns] between operators, with appropriate acknowledgments”. If you did not receive an acknowledgment of your report and he did not receive your callsign (from you), it can’t really be a contact - can it?



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Hi Richard -

Thanks for your reply. You are right of course - log entry duly deleted - I just wanted to thank the third party for trying to help. Very much in the SOTA spirit I thought.

73 Ken

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Hi Ken,
I have looked back into my handwritten notes from OK/PL-013. Your call is in my log with RST 589 sent. I cannot remember exactly if it was this particular QSO, but I do recall there was a case of some very weak station in QRM that came back few seconds later much stronger. It does happen when people just switch the linear on trying to get through. I was just not sure if you had gone QRO or someone else was helping.
Thank you for your effort anyway and hope the next time we will have a valid QSO.
BTW, pictures from the activation will be uploaded to http:/flickr.com/photos/43847187@N07
73, Ruda OK2QA

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Hi Ruda

Thanks. I’ll catch you next time.

73 Ken GI4FLG

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Hi Ken, I plan this weekend to visit OK/PL-013 too. I will try to look for you.
Jirka OK1DDQ

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go then a little bit further north along the trail to Mustek PL-010.
First, you will get off the roaring crowd around the ski lift, second, you can use my place with the snow trampled down around a convenient tree stub. Look at the pictures at the link indicated above, my Pancir pictures are already there.
Ruda OK2QA