ok2bdf 3000 activator points


gratuluji k 3000 bodů


Hi Jirka,

Congrats on achieving 3000 activator points! An excellent performance!

Let me think over: To reach this score I will have to activate at least 330 more 8 pointers (summits of at least 2000 m)… just about impossible…

73 es hpe cuagn,
Heinz HB9BCB

To OK2BDF: Congratulations! Amazing result! At ti nohy slouzi jeste dalsich 3000 bodu (nejmin…)!

To HB9BCB: Understand your point, Heinz, but on the other hand you have the priviledge to live in the country with the most beautiful mountains I have ever visited. BTW, for the easiest points go activate in the DM association, the points there are cheaper than here in OK.

73, Ruda OK2QA

Jirko, velka gratulace
73 Standa Ok1AU

In reply to OK1AU:
Ahoj Jirko. Pripajam sa a gratulujem , zaroven prajem pevne zdravi a ochoty rozdavat dalsi body do soty ahoj Vlado