OK1DVM - Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Miro,
today he scored the last 4 points
to complete the 1000 points needed
for the “Mountain Goat Trophy”.

Welcome to the shed Miro !

HNY to all on the reflector.

Dan / OK1DIG

In reply to OK1DIG:

Tu Daniel

Miro / OK1DVM

Congratulations Miro.


Congratulations Miro on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Miro.
73 and HNY
Stan OK1AU

In reply to OK1DIG:

Congrats to the new Mountian Goat and thanks for all the contacts.

73 Heinz

In reply to OK1DVM: Congratulations and thanks for your GOOD EARS!

73 & HNY!

Bill W4ZV

In reply to OK1DVM:

Congrtulations Miro and thanks for the contacts so far!

best 73 and HNY
Chris, OE3CHC

In reply to OK1DIG:
Cordial congratulations, Miro !
GL and HNY !
Vrata OK1KT

Congratulations Miro and tnx for the qso’s.
Happy New Year 2013


Congrats Miro, tks for all QSOs.
HNY to all here!
Petr OK3EQ

Congrats Miro, glad to have you in my log as S2S.
HNY, Gerald F6HBI

In reply to OK1DIG:
Congratulations Miro on your great success :slight_smile: