OK/US-018 night activation

if everything goes well, tomorrow 29th April.
OK1DIG and OK1DVM will be QRV from OK/US-018
during evening and night hours on all bands
from 160 to 10m and also VHF/UHF. There is
a good chance to work to NA on higher bands
if conds are OK. Also please look for us on
80 and 160m after 19:00 UTC. We will try to
spot the activity in advance if there is an
internet access from the summit.
Skeds in top band are welcome.

73’s and CU on the bands.

Dan and Miro

In reply to OK1DIG:
Ahoj Daniel and Miroslav…
Good news!!.I will be QRV from 160m-70cm.
Best ragards from Robert Vy 73.

In reply to OK1DIG:

Hi Dan and Miro,

you will have fun , for sure :slight_smile:
Don´t forget to look for na chasers at around 16-18utc on 15m ( times for me in south-dl ) and also later on 20m the whole late evening and night.also nice is to have a horizontal and a vertical antenna. sometimes it can be the only chance to make qso with some stations. hope condx are well on your activation !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus,
thanks for the hint. Yes we will try to be active as long
as possible on HF higher bands, if they keep open.
The antennas will be magnetic loops and a long wire
for 160 and higher. The long wire has nice gain on higher
bands, but it is directional there. Anyway we are looking forward
for some fun during the evening and the night. We hope
to work some stations on low bands, 160m in particular.

73’s Dan / OK1DIG