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OK Tour Phil G4OBK Geoff M0PYG

Just to say thanks for all the QSOs on HF this week. The SOTA operation has fitted in well with leading walks for Ryedale Walking Group. From tomorrow we move into full SOTA mode for 3 full days, whilst the walking group move to Prague for sightseeing. We all think the Czech Republic is a beautiful country and the weather has been hot this week, indeed perfect.

Early starts then for 3 days with Geoff going on 2m FM with up to 50 watts output for any OK or SP stations using Geoff’s favourite mode.

Picture of me below drinking Czech beer on OK/LI-021 Kozakov 6 point summit 2 days ago. Antenna fixed to Paragliding Club’s wind sock pole there.

73 Phil


Hi Phil,

Sorry I’ve not worked you or Geoff yet, I came close one morning but was just a little too late. Chances are I may have worked you on CW as I could hear Lada OK1FRT/P quite well at times this morning on 7032 KHz despite my local noise. Of course, just my luck you weren’t active at that time today :wink:

Hopefully catch you at some point over the weekend.

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Had to cut short our final summit OK/KR-067 today, due to heavy rain. We got a soaking and kept the HF radio safe in the rucksack so no HF. The VHF radio was operated within the confines of the M0PYG waterproof rucksack cover, a nice bit of improvisation from Geoff. Fine business job on the previous 3 summits though, with a healthy 46 points each garnered in the day. Thanks to all callers on HF and VHF, especially to Vrata OK1KT for “rallying the troops” who called us on 2m FM, it really made Geoff’s M0PYG’s day, and ensured we both qualified the last summit.

We move to the Liberec region tomorrow after breakfast, so not leaving our hotel in Jicin until 0645z. First summit likely to be the 10 point Jested OK/LI-010. The last two nights we stay nearer to Prague in the town of Melnik.

73 Phil

The weather forecast for the Liberec region today is for rain, and and off all day. If dry enough we will use HF, if too wet we will solely use 2m FM and try to qualify using that.

73 Phil

Good luck Phil, constant rain is forecast here for today and I think it’s part of the same system where you are. Stay safe.
73 Ed.

Thanks Ed - your right about the weather front being on you and us. We are in the restaurant on Jested LI-010. Cable car goes down in 20 mins. Final ascent was on foot, took 2 mins. Return fare about £5 UKP. ( Would have been £4.50 before the Brexit vote! ).
We have decided to next motor down to the Melnik area, north of Prague, where it may be drier and allow us to use HF. We made just 4 QSOs on 2m FM with OK and DL stations on OK/LI-010 before the WX forced us inside. We hope to be QRV again between 1300 and 1400z on whatever summit we pass that is easily accessible.

73 Phil

Sorry to hear that the WX is so poor, I’m grateful for all the summits so far though! My chaser score has had a welcome boost! Currently sitting just 26 pts away from Shack Sloth.

Will remain to keep an eye on the spots and rush out to the garden if I can!

Hope the WX improves for you.

73, Colin

Hi Phil (and Geoff),
Saw you spotted on OK/ST-092 and 098 - listened - but nothing here unfortunately. as usual I can hear the chasers but without aircraft reflection or very long ground-wave, you are simply too close for me on 20m & 40m it seems.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip.
73 Ed.

Thnks for the contact from OK/ST-095 this morning Geoff - got to hear you at last - I guess the skip was short this morning on 40m.

73 Ed.

Bands have been bit dire at times, but contacts still being made on 20m and 40m and yet again, thank you for choosing your holidays to go Sota activating in another country away from your own taking up your time and money.


Phil/Geoff…Thanks for the s2s today.

Great to get you in the log Ed. George N1GB caught me by surprise…thanks George.

Sorry didn’t hear you today Karl…just EU stations on 40m…try again in the next few days

73 Allan GW4VPX