Looking at OK/PL-001 1370 m ASL there may be a cross border prominence issue.
The nearest German Summit DM/BM-276 is 1376 m high. Looking at sotamaps the terrain in between goes down to about 1300 m. Bayernatlas shows that is goes down to just below 1300 m. This observation is confirmed by a GPS track made on 12 October 2012.
If the above is correct OK/PL-001 doesn’t meet P150 and also not P100. Can someone with local knowledge please check ?

73, Hans PB2T

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The MT has noted your post and is investigating.

Dear Hans,

looking at Bayernatlas (German topographic maps) I find the following:
OK/PL-001 1370 m ASL
Col 1299 m ASL
DM/BM-276 1373 m ASL
So OK/PL-001 is only P71. I have already reported my findings to @G4TJC so I assume, this will end up in another deletion in the OK summit list. :cry:

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Yes, I can confirm that, unfortunately, as OK/PL-001 is subsidiary to DM/BM-276 we will have to retire it from the SOTA listings. We have some more minor maintenance planned for OK, to which this will be added. The retirement date will be 2020-10-31.


Hi Simon,
Please correct the name of OK/US-071 in next revision of OK summits list. The correct name of this summit is “Pařez” and not “Kloč”.
It can be seen on the map here:



Yes, already discussed; so it will be “Pařez / Kloč” (on OK national mapping it is named “Kloč”).