OK/OL overnighter & 3 summits

I had a great trip with my son over last week-end in the OK/OL region. We hiked about 23kms over two days with a memorable night under a tarp… we were hit by a thunderstorm but we fortunately we stayed dry! I activated 3 summits, with a total of 47 contacts. Thanks to all the chasers!

Short video below to give you a taste of our trip :slight_smile:


Hi Romain
This time I didn’t hear you at all.
C U Next
73 Roger

This time I didn’t hear you at all.

Hi Roger, you did! You are in my log for OK/OL-011 - you even mentionned over the air my previous video :slight_smile:

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Yes ! You are right, I remember now - Fine !

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Hi Romain,
Thanks for the contact from OK/OL-011. Nice contrast in the video between the loud roaring water and the silence of some of the walks.

73 Ed DD5LP.

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Отличное видео!

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yes, it’s a nice video; I could feel the fresh water and the sounds of the wild!
Very good sharinig the hike with your son, he will remember the beauty of the nature and such pleasant experience forever, and who knows, perhaps involved in amateur radio in the future?

73 de Ignacio