OK/OL-015 another wrong reference

Yesterday I activated OK/MO-015 at 0927-0950 UTC and have sent wrong ref OK/OL-015 to 37 stations instead. MO and OL regions touch each other in the same mountain area. OK/MO-015 and OK/OL-015 are only few miles away and both counts 8 points. I should take more care anyway. Please accept my apologies. My QSO partners - will you please correct the ref number in your logs.
73 and hope to cu by my OZ/LA/SM trip next days.
Ruda OK2QA

In reply to OK2QA:
Ruda certainly meant the correct ref should have been OK/MO-015.

CU from Scandinavian summits, 73 Petr OK1CZ

In reply to OK1CZ:
Yes, Peter, you are right, of course. Another senior moment of mine. OK/MO-O15 Pricny vrch is the correct reference. I have edited the original post now to avoid confusion.
Will upload some pictures from there to Flickr group later.
Thanks for the QSO today from Baljasen SM/VD-002, Peter.
Will try Kindlahojden SM/OR-001 tomorrow morning, if the weather allows. It’s raining cats and dogs in Örebro tonight.
73 Ruda SM/OK2QA

Pictures from OK/MO-015 have been uploaded to Summits on the Air Photo Pool, or look around here:

In reply to OK2QA:
Very nice photos Ruda.
73 GL & CU soon