OK/MO-002 today - February 17th 2018

I decided to put some comments about activation of OK/MO-002 having two reasons:

  1. During this activation my SOTA activator log reached 10.000 QSOs :wink:

  2. During this activation I suffered the most strange QRM ever: noiseing dogs. Many of the dogs were left by their owners who went to the summit restaurant, a few of them were loudly barking in distance less than 10m from my position. It was terrible, I could not heard chasers and myself at all during some time - I am sorry for “misstyping” occured if any

Activation generally was fine and was effected in very nice WX.
In the log 64 QSOs, four S2S

Some photos: OK/MO-002 Lysa Hora


Congratulations to 10 K QSOs and thanks for the pictures. You were lucky to enjoy such a nice weather. The garlic soup in your last picture is always my choice in the restaurant on Lysa hora.
73, Ruda OK2QA


Vy fb!!! Congratulations for the 10k qsos!

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Thanks Ruda !
Garlic soup is my number one soup in Czech Republic :wink:

Thank you !

Great Job! Congratulations! It seems you’ve missed the Czech Winter activation Seasonal bonus by 2 days :slight_smile: (up to February 15th)

Thank you !
Something needs to wait :smiley: