OK/KR-023 should be OK/PA-023

Continuing the discussion from OK/KR summit:
I think Jan OK2PDT may have logged some summits as KR when they were PA. I have tried to find an email address to contact him. If any one else can let him know of the error. Hans PB2T who is activating the summits with him has them correct.

HI Damian,
Excuse my mistake. I have already corrected.
Thank you for the info.
73 Jan

Damian, if you were not aware, there is a PM (private message) facility in this forum software. You can click on the Avatar (the picture or big letter that appears by any post anybody makes) then click on the blue message button (with an envelope icon). From there you can write a private message to that person. You can also bring extra people into the message and have your own private threads.

If someone sends you a message you get a number on a green background by your own avatar to let you know how many notifications you have. If you set up your options then you can also get the message emailed to you.

Like this:

Somehow I missed the fact that this facility was available. Perhaps a sticky post highlighting this might be appropriate?

There’s a ton of features that few people use. Whenever your mouse pointer changes you can click the object underneath and find a whole world of features to play with.

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