OH/SL activation

I will make a short ‘tour de Laponie’ 19.9. - 21.9. I will continue the flight from Helsinki to Ivalo. The Saariselka region has the large Urho Kekkonen National Park with a few interesting summits. The weather forecast gives overcast or rain with temperature from -1 C to +11 C. The local sun rise and set times are 6:33 and 19:33 (3:33 UTC and 16:33 UTC).

I will use the QRP equipment ATS3B or FT817ND for the activations. The antenna will be the same low loop as before. The most favorable band during the dark hours is 80 m or 40 m, while 30 m should open to EU in the morning. I have no idea if the APRS packets will be gatewayed to internet up there in north. I will post alerts in the morning of the expedition or the night before.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL