OH & ON Hosts

It may be said that people around the world are pretty much the same - it’s just clear to me that the ones doing SOTA radiosport are having Lots More Fun.
On my last day in Finland I was hosted by Jaakko-OH6FQI. I had been using the maps he thoughtfully posted to SOTAWatch on my tour and he met us - on his bicycle - on OH/JS-057. He had asked his local club to turn out on 145, 5 simplex and they did not disappoint - I had seven nice QSO with OH stations to wrap up my Finland expedition.
On to Belgium where I met up a bit late with the patient Peter-ON4UP and Thierry-ON4TH. They have a great attutude about their activations especially for their highest summit…beer before AND after. After success on ON-001, we moved onto ON-010 where the fun continued. Peter shook the tree on 2m ssb and I was happy to qualify the summit on 20m cw…followed by…another brewed beverage and more good conversation. I now also am the happy owner of a SOTA flag, thanks to their generosity.
Thank you to my hosts for my SOTA expeditions, including Jaakko-OH7BF for a wonderful time.

In reply to K7ATN:
Hallo Etienne…
Many thanks for all SOTA summits from OH and ON land’s.
Best regards de Robert Vy 73!.

In reply to K7ATN:

Hi Etienne,

It was nice to see you at Koli. Could not copy your signals on 20 m, probably too close to Kuopio from where I was chasing. I do not have a good beam for 2 m so missed that too. Pity that the two band QRP operation simulatenously on HF was not possible - that needs further studies.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL