Oh No! GM4BML is going paddle boarding again!

I was idly scanning the alerts for Saturday 20 April when I noticed a familiar callsign and a very unfamiliar location - yes, Ben has found another first activation on a Scottish Island. This time it is GM/SI-212 Biod Mor which seems to be something rather steep but only 178m high on a southern peninsula of St Kilda. He’ll have to hope for some good weather to make sure he (and the family??) gets there (and back) safely. This is after warming up on GM/SI-026 on Lewis tomorrow (Friday). Good luck and I hope the wind has died down quite a bit.
73 Viki M6BWA


Well things presumably didn’t go completely to plan yesterday but he reached St Kilda! When we were activating GW/SW-004 Waun Rydd yesterday M0JLA spoke to him on GM/SI-098 Conachair which is on the main part of the island. I can’t see an alert for today at the moment but I may have missed it. It was a super day in south Wales yesterday ((but a bit cold when the sun went in) but perhaps it wasn’t so good up there. Hope all is going well.
Viki M6BWA

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I spoke with Ben earlier. He is still alive and taking a rest day. He and I have big plans for Tuesday, which I need to plan and announce later on.


Thank You Viki for bringing this activation to our attention. Best wishes to Ben GM4BML 73 de Paul M0CQE.

Successful trip @M6BWA Viki - not exactly to plan, but unfortunately that’s how these Island activations go. You never know what to expect :see_no_evil: but ropes came out and we summited Bioda Mor! Will have a report sometime in the next few weeks uploaded - some images below for you though. Check out the Stacs :grinning: I hit both of them with a stone on my way past marking them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 73, Ben GM4BML/p

Conachair GM/SI-098

Bioda Mor GM/SI-212


Tx Ben for the super views. Looks like you had super weather and a great bunch of companions. I was doubtful when I heard from Fraser you were having a rest day … then I saw the spot
GM4BML/P on GM/SI-165
Will spot on every frequency (Posted by GW4BML)

MInd you, its only a tiddler - well it must be as we went up it in 2018 (and you willl knock me of the ‘last 5 activarors’ list). Sorry I couldn’t get a complete!! Hope all goes well on Tuesday.
73 Viki


Many thanks Ben. Wonderful photographs. I look forward to the Activation Report. Thanks again Viki for starting this thread. 73 de Paul M0CQE.

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Another fantastic adventure. These remote activations must be a huge logistical challenge with uncertainty right up to the 4th contact. Well done.


Superb Ben!! Stunning photos.


Thanks for the photos Ben. Looking forward to the report…wonderful Sota adventure👍


A cracking adventure by the looks of it - well done all.


Well done Ben. That summit looks like Vertigoland - not really one for me. :grin: Unfortunately I missed you by what must have been no more than a minute… other late-comers were still calling you.

73, Gerald


Excellent presentation last night Ben at Wrexham. Will have to get you booked in at the club I am in sometime.
John M0VAZ