Oh my Sota watch apt

Has any one noted the change in the new updated Sota spotter apt on your phone.

On the phone alert bit you have flash tone and vibrate when a spot appears.

Not any more now you have a forth option

The female American voice.

First it Vibs then bleeps the Morse, then tells you what Sota has just been spotted with some details of the spot.

Think it rather cool, shame it irritates others around me LOL when talking with other half down stairs and her sister had TO mute it LOL. But still like this new feature as when in shack and a alert comes up don;t have to open phone just listen to the alert speech via ya phone.

How cool is that :slight_smile:
thanks Guys at Sota


Hi Karl,
The Android SmartPhone App “Rucksack Radio Tool” which was one of the first spotting Apps also had that feature - in fact I “think” you could chose the voice (but I could be wrong). Unfortunately maintenance of that App and it’s backend database ended a couple of years ago.

73 Ed.