OH/KU-047 Teerivaara activation

The Syöte National Park is a good and fairly safe place for winter hiking. There are many wilderness huts and shelters, ski tracks and snow mobile routes.

About 15 km of walking on snow shoes today. The Teerivaara has two summits and the OH/KU-047 is the higher one at 345 m. Some orienteering is needed if you have not been there before - which is my case. The local sunrise time is 10:31 and set time 13:55.

I tried to activate Pikku-Syöte OH/KU-032 last nigh too. That is also fairly safe even on winter night with bad visibilty, but you need a good head lamp since there are no lights on that summit. The moon was barely visible.

Radio: ATS3B, link dipole, 8xAA Lithium batteries

Map: kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi 1:40 000

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr