OH/KU-025 Räsävaara activation

Räsävaara 305 m is close to the Koli mountain on Lake Pielinen. Arrival to the summit around noon. I climb up to the tower to see the view and to transmit APRS packets to tell about the arrival. The temperature was -11 or -13 C. Setup the station on less windy side of the hill. At 1040 UTC I get quickly HNY QSO with LY2PX on 10118 kHz. The 30 m is full of traffic, so I move to 20 m and work two more stations. After that no replies. I do both - call CQ and try to reply other CQs. Finally 1134 UTC one more QSO on 20 m. 40 m has real contest stations exchanging serial numbers. I move back to 10118 kHz and find the frequency clear. HA7UG is waiting there. Thanks for spotting. After the spot a pile up builds up soon. I have difficulties to distinguish the call signs. When GW0DSP spotted about signal getting stronger I started to be already worried about the internal battery. However the radio was doing fine. Finally I called CQ last time 1230 UTC and gave QRT since there were no other takers.

Radio: FT817ND 5 W internal batteries, T1 ATU, 10 x 5 m loop

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

APRS: http://aprs.fi/OH7BF-7