OH/KU-024 Välimäki 315 m activation

The Tahko is a small mountain about 70 km from our summer cottage. During the winter it is a popular place for down hill ski. The Välimäki 315 m became SOTA summit from the Tahko, since it is the highest point on this mountain. It is possible to park the car not far a way from the summit. But then the difficulties begin. The summit is reached through dense forest without paths. To find the summit you really need a GPS. There were plenty of mosquitos, but fortunately I had also insect mesh to protect my head and all other parts except my hands were covered.

I arrived to the summit later than the announced ETA about 0445 UTC. As usual I tried to send APRS packets from the summit, but they did not find their way to the internet. Since 10116 kHz was busy I called CQ first on 7031 kHz 0512 UTC. Thanks to Hans SM3TLG for spotting and to the other two SM’s that came soon after. I find FT817ND and Palm Paddle on top of it much easier to work than the ultra light weight ATS3B, but then it was also nice and warm summer morning. After a few more QSOs on 40 m I moved to 30 m, but no luck there. 0550 UTC I announced QSY to ssb but my calls little below 7060 kHz were in vain. Then 3561 kHz without luck. I checked 7060 kHz again and found some OH hams there, but they did not hear me. So finally QRT 0620 UTC.

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W, T1 ATU, 10 x 4 m loop

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

APRS: http://aprs.fi/?call=OH7BF-7&mt=m&z=11&timerange=3600 (only one packet went through)

In reply to OH7BF:
Thanks for the QSO on 40m CW.