OH/KI activation tour 31.8. - 4.9

Travel from Helsinki to Kilpisjärvi takes about 21 hours with train first to Rovaniemi and finally with a bus to Kilpisjärvi. My plan was to walk to the highest mountain inside the Finnish borders the Halti 1328 m. This follows well marked and popular Nordkalottleden Trail about 55 km one way. There are some open fell huts and reservation huts on the way. Carrying a tent is highly recommended, since the huts have limited capacity for accomodation.

I arrive to the small Duolljehuhput lake around 16:00 on Tuesday evening. The rains starts when I put up the tent. I am still optimistic and hope that the weather could improve and I could walk to the OH/KI-003. During the diner the rain still continues. I had put the tunnel tent in direction of wind, but the wind turns and it is quite noisy during the night.

Next morning I eat breakfast and put everything together. The plan for Wednesday is Meekonvaara OH/KI-006 with ascent from camp on Vuomakasjärvi. From the map this seemed to be the easiest way up. The morning is dry, but the rain and strong wind starts on afternoon. Now I do not believe any more that that the weather will improve for the activation. Being wet in cold wind is not so healthy either, so the priority becomes to find suitable natural barrier for the wind and camp there. The night goes since I have quite warm sleeping bag.

Thursday morning the rain has stopped and Meekonvaara looks already quite nice. There is some frost on the tent. At Pihtusjärvi the wind is blowing strongly. I stop at the hut for lunch. I reach the Halti hut around 16:00. The weather is still quite good and I decide to walk to the summit. On the way up I meet a couple I have been chatting with on the way. They are already returning from the summit. I am a little tired already, but the snow on Halti is most welcome after the rainy weather. There is a group of Czechs just leaving the summit and heading the Norway. So when I put up the antenna I am alone. I start to call on 18086 kHz at 1507 UTC and then 14058 kHz. I get reply from IK1NPG at Turin (sunny +25 C there). Nobody on 10118 kHz and on 7032 kHz one German station does not hear me. So back to the hut.

Friday I start the way back from Halti and reach the Meekonjärvi hut 19:00 in evening. Saturday evening I had planned activating Muurivaara OH/KI-012. I am at Saarijärvi hut already around 15:00 and decide to walk back to Kilpisjärvi the same day. I arrived there around 20:00 pretty tired already.

Map: Halti Kilpisjärvi 1:50 000

Radio: ATS3B, 8 x AA, T1 ATU, loop 28 m wire

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

Edit: mobile phone worked only from summit Halti for me

In reply to OH7BF:

Thanks for the SMS greetings from the summit! Too bad I wasn’t in the position to listen on the bands.

Jaakko, OH6FQI

In reply to OH6FQI:

Right. This trip is likely easier with touring skis, so maybe I try that next time. Anyway it is some adventure for an office worker like me.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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thanks for your report of the halti-tour. i did exactly the same tour some years ago and so i enjoyed reading about your experiences. i think that PIHTUSJÄRVI is one of the nicest places i’ve ever been to.

In reply to OE5REO:

The names are difficult for me too. The map has Pihtsusjärvi or Bihcosjávri in Sami. The photos are now in


73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL