OH/KI-052 Govddošgáisi 1230 m tour

I started walking in warm weather from Kilpisjärvi on Monday August 24 at 16:30. The Saarijärvi wilderness hut was reached at around 20:30.

On Tuesday morning wake up early around 5:40 and start walking 7:00. After lunch at Meekonjärvi hut start climbing to Meekonvaara 1019 m. Since I was ahead of the schedule I went to swim to a small pond on the way to the summit. On the Meekonvaara I get quickly reply from SP9AMH on 14063 kHz. After the pile-up I try 30 m, 40 m and 17 m but nobody there. Descent from the summit and camp on the Lake Vuomakas for the night.

On Wednesday start walking after 9:00. There is a crossing of the rapid Pitsus in shallow water on the way to Urtas valley. Eat lunch at the Urtas hut and start climbing up to Govddošgáisi 1230 m following the small river. The visibility becomes bad at 1000 m altitude and I have to use GPS and compass to find the summit. I call CQ one and half hours late from the original posted ETA. The ATS3B red/green LED shows a little higher SWR than usual maybe due to humid foggy air. Nobody on 20 m nor on 17 m. I had similar problems last year on Ritničohkka 1315 m with only one QSO. Due to the weather I do not want to stay too long and start the descent. Camp on Riimmajávri.

On Thursday the clouds are on about the same level like the lake. Walk to the Lossujärvi wilderness hut. Due to the weather conditions I abandon the summiting of Loassonibba 1190 m. I start to cross the boulder field. 3 km takes about 3 hours. Finally I have to camp on small lake for the night. Sleeping is less comfortable in the rain and strong wind though the tent provides some protection from the elements.

On Friday I stop on Lake Duolljehuhputlattu for the lunch. The wind is still strong and visibility bad in humid air. The summit Duolljehuhput 1082 m will not be activated in these conditions. I start to walk back to Saarijärvi hut and from there back to Kilpisjärvi. Total distance walked is about 100 km.

Radio: ATS3B, 8xAA alkaline batteries, link dipole

Map: Karttapaikka - Maanmittauslaitos

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr



That`s a pity for you: much efforts and less results, but wx-conditions cannot be changed.

During my tour around northern scandinavia in july 2015, I activated some summits rather lower than yours.
I was lucky to have quite pleasant wx-conds.

If you are interested in, you may have a look on my activation-report at SOTA-reflector, which has now fotos included:

I wish you better weather during your next attempt to activate those summits in north-western part of Finland

73, Franz