OH/KI-017 Ylläs activation

I made again mistake with local summer time to UTC conversion. The time difference here is 3 hours and not 2 hours as I thought. Since I expected the propagation in the morning to be bad


I aimed for activation at 1200 UTC. 40 m to Scandinavia and Russia should work and there could be some QSOs on 30 m or 20 m to central Europe and UK.

I walked the 400 m up on skis though the Ylläs ski lifts are still running. Ylläs is actually the highest ski station you can find from Finland - quite modest compared to Alps.

SM3TLG came quickly back to my call. Thanks for spotting. 40 m was very quiet compared to the pile ups common in central Europe. I could copy the activation by DL1DVE/P but could not understand if he had copied me. Finally there was opening on 20 m and I could work two more stations. Finally one more SM station. Total time spend was 3 hours - mostly trying to reply other calls and calling CQ on different bands.

The propagation to central Europe and UK should be ok after sunset or before sunrise on 40 m and 80 m. This would mean activation between 22:00 - 4:00 local time.

Radio: ATS3B abt 3 W

Antenna: 3 x 12 m loop and T1 ATU

APRS: OT1x and VX7R (was not copied to internet)

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to F5VGL:
Hello Jaakko,

Yes I was very glad to hear your CQ and you had a nice signal here on 40 meters. So many thanks for the new SOTA-country. For once my QTH (270 kilometers north of Stockholm) was an advantage, compared when I work into the continent. But I could not copy the 2 LA/LB stations QRV today from SOTA-summits.

I hope to hear you from some other OH-SOTA Jaakko. And hopefully I also can be active from some SM-summit in June.

73 hei/hej, Hans / SM3TLG