OH/KI-007 Korkea Jehkas activation

The weather today was what I had expected for this expedition. Overcast with bad visibility on the mountains. The avalanche risk today for Kilpisjarvi region was 3/5. At 11:00 local time I hear sudden bang. That must have been a mass of snow collapsing on a nearby mountain. Fortunately the route to Korkea Jehkas is quite safe with slope angles below 20 degree. I choose always the safest route, which would probably be very boring for any free rider looking for more adrenaline.

Thanks to HA7UG for spotting after the first QSO on 10119 kHz at 1055 UTC. I expected some kind of pile up on 30 m, but everything seems to stop suddenly at 1102 UTC. After that I copy from G4SSH that I was heard 339 but now nothing anymore. Retune antenna and check the output power and finally move to 14038 kHz with a QSO to Paris. One more QSO and try 40 m and 30 m again. I find a SOTA pile up from 7032 kHz around 1150 UTC, but the chasers do not copy me. So QRT and start to ski down.

Radio: FT817ND 5 W internal batteries, T1 ATU, low loop antenna

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

Map: Halti-Kilpisjarvi 1:50 000